Benefits of Offsite Document Storage

Last Updated on: 12th October 2023, 08:18 pm

Maintaining and storing a large volume of business records can cause headaches for any business. The biggest concern? Space. Physical records take up a ton of space, and nobody wants to use up precious office space for file storage. Many businesses try to minimize the amount of space they use for document storage, but find that their files often end up disorganized or, worse, misplaced. Security is also an issue; what should be done with confidential business and client information that could be misused for a variety of nefarious purposes?

If any of the above concerns you, and you are looking for professional office storage solutions, then Honor Storage can definitely help you. We offer secure offsite document storage that will save you time, money, and space, and help to keep your files organized and easily accessible when and if you need them. Read on to learn five benefits that the offsite file storage of Honor Storage can provide to you and your company.

#1 It Saves You Space

Whether required by the IRS or by various professional licensing associations, the fact is that many businesses must save copies of their records for at least three, five, and sometimes seven years or longer. If you have a significant number of clients or a document-heavy business, all those records will start to devour your available space in no time. If you’re paying a premium for quality office space, why fill up your valuable work area with boxes of documents you’ll rarely need? Offsite document storage will free up valuable space, helping to keep your office environment decluttered so you can have the space you need to work.

#2 It Saves You Money

We’ve already discussed how filling up your limited office space with documents is poor allocation of precious resources. Our offsite office storage solutions are significantly cheaper per square foot than in-office storage or a self-storage unit, freeing up your limited workspace to help you focus on what your business is trying to do: make money.

#3 Keep Your Documents Safe

Many of your business records likely contain sensitive, personal, or proprietary information that must remain confidential. When you store your documents in-house, they are vulnerable not only to theft, but also to fire, water damage, and natural disasters. You need a document storage solution that offers protection from the elements as well as round-the-clock security and controlled access to facilities. Our weatherproof, climate-controlled environment will protect your documents from the aging that can result from exposure to excess humidity and will ensure that they remain safe no matter what nature throws our way.

#4 Ensure Business Continuity

Have you thought about what would happen to your business, and to your ability to provide services to your clients, in the event unforeseen disaster does strike? Whether it is a fire, flood, earthquake, or some other unanticipated natural or man-made disaster, loss of access to your documents may bring your business grinding to a halt. Offsite file storage will keep your valuable client and customer data safe and will provide you a backup of all your critical data so you can get your business up and running again as soon as possible in the event of a serious loss.

#5 We Help You Plan Your Document Retention Management Strategy

Efficient and effective storage of documents isn’t as easy as simply having a place to put them. It’s also knowing when and what documents can be destroyed. If your business doesn’t have a document retention policy and plan in place, it is vulnerable to compliance breaches, civil legal liability, and, in rare cases, criminal liability. No matter what documents you are retaining, you need a plan that accounts for every document, the timeframe that it needs to be kept, and a schedule for securely disposing of that document once retention thereof is no longer necessary. Offsite office storage solutions can enable most of this work to be done for you.

#6 Have Peace of Mind

If you are worried about how to find ways to protect and store your invaluable business records, you don’t have to worry anymore. Offsite file storage gives you the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that dedicated professionals spend their time ensuring that your documents are safe, secure, efficiently organized and catalogued, and available when you need them. No matter what your concern, your business records will be protected.

The benefits of offsite document storage should now be obvious. Whether your primary concerns are security and space or improved efficiency and protection from loss, at Honor Storage we have office storage solutions that can meet your needs at a reasonable price. Check out our Santa Barbara storage units for yourself. We also have storage facilities in other areas in Southern California. Both storage in Ventura County and Orange County are available for you as well. For more information about offsite file storage and the range of services that we offer, contact us today.

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